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Parish Registration is encouraged for participation in the SCRE Program and can be completed at the Parish Office.  

Weekly Mass Attendance is of utmost importance to ensure your child’s understanding of their Catholic faith. Your Mass attendance is tracked by the use of your weekly Parish envelopes. Because the Parish subsidizes a portion of the RE Program, a non-parishioner fee of $50 will be added to your account if you choose not to register as a parishioner or do not use at least two envelopes per month containing any amount you are able to donate by February 1, 2019.

Please call the R.E. Center at 708-388-4040 to start the Registration process and to make your appointment.

After June 3rd registration...New Families and Gr. 1 Families may download a copy of the registration forms Then call the above number to continue the registration process and to make your appointment.  

We do need a copy of the Baptismal Certificate for all incoming Gr. 1 students and new families to the program.

If your child is in grade 2 or higher and has not previously attended 
a faith formation program, please call our office so we may place your children in the proper class.


TUITION FOR 2018-2019

(1) Child$270.00.

(2) Children$385.00.

(3) Children or more  $490.00.

Sacrament Fees: 

Communion/Reconciliation: $50.00

Confirmation: $50.00

Payment may be Paid in Full at the time of Registration or an initial payment of $35 per child (and Sacrament fees if applicable) can made at the time of registration and then we will bill you monthly or quarterly.  

All Tuition and fees must be paid in full by March 1, 2019.

If you are having financial difficulties please let us know. Please do not let this be a reason for not registering your children! 
We may be able to assist you.


​Helpers are needed on all class nights as Hall Monitors, Classroom Aides, Office Assistants, and even Catechists.  All volunteers will receive a tuition credit.  Please call the office for details. 

All Volunteers over the age of 18 must be VIRTUS trained and complete a background check.

for the 2018-2019 Year 
is now open!
Please call the office for registration details.

We will host a sign-up day on 
Sunday June 3, 2019 in Unit D 

Registration will close June 3rd, 2018 and Reopen in August.