The Sacrements of Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist initiates a person into the Roman Catholic Community of believers. The reception of these three sacraments are the foundation for Christian living as members of the Catholic Church. As followers of Jesus our fairth is nutured through scripture and tradition and celebrated in the Liturgy. We are transformed by sharing in the death and ressurection of Jesus Christ - the Paschal Mystery.


 Reconciliation teaches children the healing and forgiveness offered in Christ. Their first experience of Reconciliation will be in 2nd grade. Our focus is on general understanding of love and forgiveness. We then re-examine this sacrament again in 4th grade, on a more individual level. As 4th graders the student learn a more in-depth, broader, and more personal meaning of reconciliation. The focus is more on whom we are called to be as followers of Christ. It concentrates on the beatitudes and Ten Commandments, as guides for our individual daily lives.

Family Guide: Reconciliation

Eucharist - First Holy Communion

Preparation for the reception of Eucharist typically begins in 1st grade and the students receive First Communion in the 2nd grade.  Through the reception of Eucharist we are united to Christ in the breaking of the bread. Eucharist is a celebration, a joyful meal shared with each other each week.

Family Guide: First Holy Communion 


Our Confirmation program gathers all the 8th grade students of the parish together as a community for a journey to grow spiritually, emotionally and socially as they prepare for the reception of the sacrament. Students are challenged to grow in their knowledge of and understanding of scripture and tradition. Students are challenged to grow in their personal faith life. It is very important that students also learn to reach out to the larger community through works of mercy and service. The reception of the Sacrament of Confirmation occurs as a result of the student's personal mature commitment to live out their Catholic life.  

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