Registration Info
The Sacraments 
Journey in Faith

First Grade 
Lynne Pieroth & Rebecca Orris
Aides: Sharon Ladadio & Natalija Wall

Second Grade    
Sue Rosen  &  Kathy Wajasik
Aide: Denise Craig

Third Grade 
Magdalena Anderson
Aide: Vanessa Raygoza

Fourth Grade 
Veronica Leib
​Aide: Sophia Wall

Fifth Grade
Dori Salazar/Terry Battistella
Aide: Anna Dudek

Sixth Grade
​Nancy Courtney
Aide: Sean Larmon

Seventh Grade
Barbara Hanson 
Aide: Alison Dolbeer

Eighth Grade 
Terry Stephens

Hall Monitor
Alejandra Hernandez

Special Thanks 
to our amazing Catechists, 
who volunteer their time each week 
to lead our parish children in faith formation.

We are always in need of classroom aides, hallway monitors, and office help during class sessions. If you are interested in helping, while your child is in class, please call our office.  All volunteers will receive a tuition discount for the 2017-2018 year.