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   Fr. Robinson Ortiz

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Nicole Tzoumas
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St. Christopher Religious Education guides parents and guardians 
in leading their children to a loving encounter with Jesus Christ.
Our curriculum integrates liturgy, prayer, church traditions, 
service, and study to prepare the next generation 
of active participants and leaders of Catholic Church.

Classes for children in grades 1st- 12th are held September through May.
Office: 14611 S. Keeler Ave.            (Room 21 of the school)
             Midlothian, IL 60445

*Please go to the glass doors of the school located in the church parking lot (door 212) to access the Religious Education Center, and ring bell.                                 

Phone: 708-388-4040  

Office Hours:  

 by appointment only.

Please email for details.

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As primary educators of your children, parent involvement
is a necessity for the success of this Religious Education Program. We expect that parents will take 
an active part in the Religious Education Program by: 
 + Regularly attending weekend liturgy with the family.

+ Celebrating monthly Religious Education liturgies 
   and prayer services with the student body. 

+ Participating in all sacramental preparation    
   gathering and celebrations. 
                                                           Why do my children need to attend       
                                                  Religious Education every year?
                                                    Religious Education (R.E.) is faith formation for                                                 children attending a public school. Children in public                                                 school are taught to read, write, math, science, history,                                                  etc., but are NOT taught about our Catholic faith, 
                                                the teachings and history of our Church or the Holy                                                 Trinity; Father, Son and Spirit. They are not taught                                                 the rich traditions of our faith, the example
of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Saints Peter and Paul or about any of the other holy men and women of the Church. Each year in Religious Education our children learn more about what is means to be Catholic, what it means to be a disciple 
of Jesus. As parents, we would never consider removing our children from school 
for 3 or 4 or more years, because they already learned to read and write! 
Teaching faith is really instilling a set of principles and values in our children 
from a very young age in order that their actions will lead them onto a positive path 
as a true disciple of Christ. Attending R.E. gives our children the opportunity 
to interact with other children and adults who know and love the Lord. 
The Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist) do not signal graduation or completion in any way, but celebrate the beginning of a lifetime lived 
in the generosity of a gracious God.

In conjunction with the Renew My Church process,  Cardinal Cupich reviewed the name options our Parish submitted for our new community and has chosen St. Augustine as our new Parish name. St. Augustine was a Bishop and a Doctor of the Church-meaning his writings and teachings were very important to the forming of the Church. He is the Patron saint of brewers, theologians and printers. His feast day is celebrated on August 28. We will be working for the next few moths at redesigning our webpage to reflect our new name. Stay tuned! St. Augustine...Pray for Us!